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Prevent signs of skin aging


Prevent signs of skin aging

The most commons signs of skin aging are wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and loss of firmness. Although these are the clinical signs of aging, they are the translation of a deeper change at the molecular level which might not only be due to a physiological process but also to internal or external factors like diet, diseases, pollution and the most principal cause of aging: UV rays. As dermal collagen and elastin fiber decreases with age, dermal thickness is reduced, and wrinkles and sagging skin appear. Thus, aging is characterized by a loss of elasticity, laxity and rough-textured appearance.
To prevent these signs in the early stages, Dermaceutic develops innovative formulae containing the most researched and proven effective anti-aging actives such as retinol, vitamin C and peptides for younger-looking and healthier skin. The goal of this skincare regimen is to boost the skin's vitality and and to minimize future damage and aging.

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