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purifying active

Biomimetic agent inspired by the natural defense mechanism of a marine algae to fight against pathogen attacks. It acts by decreasing lipid production and inhibiting bacteria growth while improving the recruitment of keratinocytes and decreasing inflammatory mediators for treating, repairing and soothing actions.

What is purifying active?

The purifying active is a revolutionary ingredient derived from and inspired by the natural defense system of marine algae to fight against pathogen attacks. It is enhanced with zinc for additional antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Purifying active

Active ingredient - Brown algae

is it safe and efficient?

It has been clinically proven in both in-vivo and in-vitro testing to decrease lipid production, reduce inflammation, inhibit bacteria growth and regulate sebum production, as well as increasing the production of keratinocytes, which help the skin to heal quicker. 

The topical application of purifying active has also been proven to be very well tolerated by the skin – a non-irritating, non-phototoxic and non-mutagenic ingredient that helps to safely soothe and repair without any unwanted negative effects. It is therefore particularly effective for acne-prone skin.

how dermaceutic is commited to first class ingredients?

Dermaceutic uses a unique association of first-class components for its purifying active, sourced from experienced and respected partners in the field.  When used in combination with other expertly selected Dermaceutic ingredients at the right concentrations, the purifying active helps to reveal your skin’s best potential. Actibiome is formulated with this powerful complex to effectively target adult acne-prone skin.

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