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Purify oily to acne-prone skin


Purify oily to acne-prone skin

Oily skin looks shiny or greasy and is associated with an unpleasant feeling of uncleanliness. It is characterized by the increase in sebum production. This cosmetic concern is frequently associated by large pores. Although both men and women are affected, the rate of sebum secretion is highly variable. Those who unfortunately suffer from a high rate of sebum excretion may be prone to developping acne. The sebaceous gland is the unit that secretes oily sebum and is located in the reticular dermis where it is usually found in association with hair follicles, forming the pilosebaceous unit. Sebum is a viscous fluid composed of fatty acids, cholesterol esters, and other components. Different types and compositions of food can lead to a variation in the sebaceous gland sebum. In addition, this gland is an androgen-targeted organ which can be stimulated by the fluctuation of hormones. Several treatments exist to reduce oily and acne-prone skin. Among them, and the most accessible to all are cosmeceutical products. By working hand-in-hand with renowned skincare professionals, experts in the physiology behind skin concerns, Dermaceutic designs optimal combinations of powerful actives at the right concentrations to harmonize the complexion of oily skin and those which are prone to acne.

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