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Repair fragilized skin


Repair fragilized skin

After a professional aesthetic treatment, you may need expert advice for an optimal and accelerated recovery since your skin is drier and more fragile than usual. Depending on the invasiveness or not of the aesthetic procedure, your skin is considered as fragilized and sensitive, indicating that a regimen skincare must be adopted to protect your skin. Therefore, your skin needs to be rapidly repaired through a reepithelization process.
This procedure enables protection, and prevents infections and the developpement of micro-organisms responsible for inflamation. This is known as the healing process. The aim is to prevent or minimize complications and ensure rapid recovery. A careful maintenance program is therefore crucial in helping your skin to maintain all of its structural and functional characteristics.
Thanks to a strong collaboration with numerous skin experts and extensive clinical testing, Dermaceutic develops high-performance formulae containing first-class ingredients which boost the skin's natural power to protect and repair itself.

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