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Dermaceutic has formulated and launched the perfect 3-in-1 age defense cream, Derma Defense. The tinted moisturizer is the perfect addition to the Prevent Range of cosmeceuticals and provides a solution to patients who want to add convenience to their daily regimen.

In order to understand this product a little better, let us summarise the tinted moisturizer market. There are BB creams and CC Creams. BB creams are defined as a ‘Blemish Balm”, they provide little hydration and are designed to cover up blemished skin, generally speaking BB creams are for skins that are younger than 30 years old. A CC cream is defined as a ‘Color Control’ providing intense hydration and a tint to conceal redness & mottled pigment on the skin. A CC cream is usually used on sensitized skin, which generally presents after 30 years of age.

Enter the DD cream. Defined as a ‘Daily Defense’ cream, the function is to provide daily protection to skin that needs photo-protection, homogenized skintone and intense hydration. Derma Defense was designed to do just that.

The scientific formulation includes Xylitol, Licorice extract, Vitamin E Ester and UV Filters that provide the skin with an SPF 50. This cream is the first of its kind and fits into the Dermaceutic PREVENT Range - as it hydrates skin, homogenizes skintone and protects against UV rays.

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Xylitol is an anti-dehydrating agent which promotes and controls water (moisture) within the epidermis. One of the main concerns of aging is that the skin loses the ability to maintain water within the skin, often resulting in trans-epidermal water loss. This has a knock-on effect as the skin will try to overcome the surface dehydration by stimulating more oil production or by supplementing the surface layers with moisture from the deeper layers, depleting GAGs within the dermis.

  • By including Xylitol in the formulation, patients will notice increased hydration and a reduction of fine lines.
  • Licorice extract within the formulation assists with both tyrosinase inhibition and will help homogenize complexion.
  • Vitamin E Ester is used to help prevent oxidative stress that people are exposed to daily.
  • The convenient packaging of a small lightweight tube is ideal to slip into a handbag / make-up bag and use ‘on the go’.

Many users who applied foundations in the past will find this product to be more result orientated as it’s an active tinted moisturizer. This means that it will contribute to a healthier skin whist giving cover in terms of a tint and an SPF. The product is available in two shades, a light and a medium tint, ideal for skin types 1-3.

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