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What can be achieved with a single Mela Peel Forte procedure?

Mela Peel Forte is a professional grade chemical peel designed by Dermaceutic Laboratoire to target pigmentation spots, post-inflammatory pigmentation and melasma. Qualified nurse Katrina Read from KRevive Clinic sent us these images to highlight how Mela Peel Forte has:

  • Improved skin radiance and brightness
  • Improved skin radiance and brightness
  • Evened skin tone and complexion

KRevive Clinic ProtocOL

The results below show the left and right eye of a patient before the peel and then seven days after a single Mela Peel Forte procedure. The patient followed a pre-chemical peel preparation protocol for one week, and continued with a post-chemical peel homecare regimen for four-weeks.

Mela Peel Forte is suitable for all skin types, including photosensitive and sensitive skin. Mela Peel Forte is formulated at concentrations to optimize efficacy with minimal risks or side-effects. Your Dermaceutic specialist will recommend the ideal pre- and post- peel regimen to optimize results.

Mela Peel Forte Right Eye - Day 0

Mela Peel Forte Right Eye - Day 0

Dermaceutic ensures that Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and peptides are all available to the skin through it’s recommended pre-Chemical Peel preparation products. Products that should be prescribed pre-peel are:

Mela Peel Forte Left Eye - Day 0

Mela Peel Forte Right Eye - Day 7

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