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Hydration is the key to retaining water and lipids for healthier skin. Seasonal climate changes and other external aggressors can leave your skin fragilized. By hydrating it, you help to protect your skin. Discover how to hydrate and nourish your skin in this article!

Your skin faces external environmental aggressions on a daily basis, but one of its principal functions is to prevent water loss from the body. 

Sports activities, climate and work are some of the most common factors which can lead to epidermal water loss. Although food and drinks may provide some hydration, water circulating in your body must reach the dermis. The dermis acts as a reservoir and supplies the epidermis with all the necessary nutrients while protecting against mechanical injury. 

These nutrients are transferred to the outermost layers of the epidermis to provide hydration to each cell. Water is a vital molecule for enabling the skin to ensure its own defense, immunity and the appropriate and coordinated function of its whole cellular structure. 

Do you have dehydrated skin? 

Dehydrated skin can be characterized by irritations and an uncomfortable sensation. Lipids are also essential in helping to treat dehydrated skin. Scientific evidence has shown the correlation between moisturization and dry skin. Therefore, topical application of hydrating and nourishing creams is an excellent way to compensate the water/lipids loss of your skin.

Ingredients provided through Dermaceutic products will regenerate your skin's capacities to retain water/lipids for healthier and smoother skin. Dermaceutic is committed to formulating high-performance moisturizers that intensively repair, nourish, soothe and restore for optimal skin comfort. By offering innovative and tailored textures based on the latest dermatological research, our hydrating and nourishing formulas are adapted to all different skin types. Discover our restore range to repair your skin!

Intense repairing creams to nourish, soothe and restore for optimal comfort.

Providing your skin with hydration helps to address several skin concerns such as skin aging, dryness and redness

Do you know our Restore range? 

Dermaceutic's "RESTORE" range contains repairing creams formulated to nourish, soothe and restore your skin for optimal comfort. Your skin is continuously exposed to internal and external factors that may threaten its homeostasis. Dehydrated, dry or irritated skin is a symptom of skin barrier dysfunction. To remediate these unpleasant sensations, powerful nutrients like peptides or a lipid complex are important for restoring your skin barrier. They help in reducing inflammation and irritation, they enhance the skin's repairing action and prevent dryness. 

The key ingredients found in the Dermaceutic "RESTORE" range are hyaluronic acid solution, that protects against transepidermal water loss; aloe vera extract solution, that soothes the skin and reduces inflammation; and shea butter which is highly concentrated in fatty acids and vitamins.


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Moisturizing agent that maintains skin hydration thanks to its hygroscopic properties, helps to stimulate skin defence and promotes skin healing.

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Moisturizing and wound healing active that soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.


HYAL CEUTIC intense hydrating cream

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Hyal Ceutic intensively hydrates and protects the skin all day long thanks to an optimal concentration of high and low weight hyaluronic acids. Hyal Ceutic is ideal to prevent signs of skin aging and have an anti-pollution action.
Hyal Ceutic is recommended for all skin types but ideal for oily to combination skin. Hyal Ceutic is also vegan, fragrance free, silicone free, hypoallergenic!

A combination of powerful ingredients including aloe vera enhances its soothing and repairing action : 

  • 5.5% Hyaluronic acid solution:
    Combination of high and low molecular weights that penetrates the skin at different levels. It reduces the skin's transepidermal water loss for optimal hydration, helps to stimulate the skin's defense and promotes skin healing.

  • 10% Aloe vera extract solution :
    Moisturizing and wound healing active that soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.

  • Jojoba oil :
    Softening agent that creates a non-oily moisturizing layer on the surface of the skin with semi-occlusive properties to reduce transepidermal water loss.

  • Vitamin E ester :
    Ester form of vitamin E renowned for its antioxidant properties that helps to combat the free radicals responsible for photoaging (damage caused by the sun).

  • Shea butter:
    Hydrating and nourishing agent highly concentrated in fatty acids and vitamins.

Apply to the face in the morning and evening and expect the following benefits: 

  • Your skin is replenished

  • The natural moisture level of your skin appears restored

REGEN CEUTIC Nourishing hydrating cream

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Regen Ceutic prevents signs of skin aging, nourishes and firms the skin. The addition of hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants boosts the skin's natural power to protect and repair itself. It is ideal for aged and dry skin and suitable for all skin types.

Regen Ceutic nourishes and firms the skin thanks to its peptides complex:

  • 3% Peptides complex:
    Combination of two amino acids linked to a fatty acid that improves skin penetration, which helps stimulate skin repair and collagen synthesis for younger looking skin

  • 3% Hyaluronic acid solution:
    Moisturizing agent that maintains skin hydration thanks to its hygroscopic properties and protects against transepidermal water loss for optimal hydration.

  • Vitamin C ester & Vitamin E:
    Synergy of two vitamins that provides ultimate protection against photoaging.

  • Shea butter:
    Hydrating and nourishing agent highly concentrated in fatty acids and vitamins.

95% of patients feel that their skin is firmer and regenerated.*

*In vivo study of Regen Ceutic efficacy on 21 volunteers for 28 days in combination with a food supplement. European independent clinical research organization.

Apply Regen Ceutic to the face in the morning and evening and observe :

  • Skin intensively restored

  • Feel superior skin comfort

  • Appearance of wrinkles is visibly diminished

K CEUTIC post-treatment cream

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K Ceutic restores and protects the skin by delivering essential nutrients and a very high SPF 50. Its advanced formula contains a combination of ingredients designed to repair, nourish, protect and soothe the skin.
K Ceutic is suitable for all skin type but ideal for fragile skin, redness and post-aesthetic treatment

Discover K Ceutic expected benefits & innovative formulae:

  • Skin is intensively nourished and protected from UV ray damages

  • Appearance due to photoaging is improved

  • Redness and irritations appear soothed for optimal recovery time after aesthetic treatments

K Ceutic Ingredients : 

  • K Complex:
    Combination of anti-inflammatory agents that soothe the skin.

  • Glycoprotein:
    Restructuring and regenerative active that stimulates collagen and elastin production.

  • Vitamins C & E:
    Sodium salt form of vitamin C combined with the vitamin E ester form, providing the ultimate protection against photoaging.

  • UV filters:
    Combination of mineral and organic filters that offers broad spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays.

84 % of patients feel that K Ceutic is a high-performance product.**

**In vivo study for the combined efficacy of Dermaceutic peel and homecare products on 43 caucasian, asian and dark skin volunteers for 56 days. European independent clinical research organization.

PANTHENOL CEUTIC nourishing restoring ointment

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Panthenol Ceutic restores and highly nourishes the skin. It is ideal for post-aesthetic procedures, sensitive and/or very dry skin and is formulated for all skin types. Panthenol Ceutic is fragrance free and silicone free.

If you use Panthenol Ceutic you may expect the following benefits : 

  • Skin is soothed

  • Skin is highly nourished

  • Suppleness and comfort are restored

Its combination of powerful hydrating and repairing actives helps to soothe the skin: 

  • 5% Panthenol:
    Moisturizing agent to provide an immediate calming effect on irritated skin.`

  • 1% Bisabolol:
    Highly tolerated soothing active with anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties.

  • Shea butter & Beeswax:
    Hydrating actives that prevent dryness and nourish the skin thanks to its film-forming properties to protect it from environmental aggressions.

  • Vitamin E ester:
    Ester form of vitamin E renowned for its antioxidant properties that helps to combat the free radicals responsible for photoaging (damage induced by sun).

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