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We are committed to making you understand our reason to believe in our  “Skintelligent Science”. It is our new brand signature that embodies our expertise, core values, and origins. Be ready to learn how, why, and when the science comes to life and why you should start your skincare journey with us.

1. When have we decided to make alive our Skintelligent Science?

From peels to cosmeceuticals

Our Skintelligent Science journey started in 2002 when Dermaceutic was born on the strong belief that science is the skin’s natural ally. We use the best scientific expertise to strengthen and support the skin’s natural powers, for faster and more effective results.

Born from a collaboration between French dermatologists, we are now the number one chemical peel brand in France with superficial and medium chemical peels and we have brought our art of formulation to the cosmeceutical industry. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients in high concentrations. They are the first category of skincare that can actively make a difference to your skin beyond the way it feels. Cosmeceuticals are scientifically developed to deliver quick results. 

2. Why would you believe in our Skintelligent Science?

Our connection between skin and science 

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We offer a modern and ambitious vision of how science can benefit skincare, in line with the new desire for personalized skincare, and precise, effective, and natural results.
Our perennial ambition is to drive the power and progress of skin science, to master formulation and support new procedures.



Science is knowledge.

Science is motivated by curosity.
A knowledge build on observation and experiments that can be proven and objectivated.

Observation and experiments continously create additional knowledge but also new questions and exploration angles: It is a never-ending exponential process.

The overall knowledge is continously improved and refined

Skin is intelligent.

Skin has the natural power to regenerate..

Skin's best ally is science.

Our dedicated passion towards science

Our mission is to elevate skincare standards using the latest scientific technology, the most advanced actives at the most effective concentrations to deliver exceptional results to meet the needs of every type of skin for naturally visible results. Whatever the skin concern or aesthetic procedure, our mission is to provide the right combinations of actives at the most effective concentrations.

We aim to maintain our position as the expert in aesthetic dermatology through our passion for scientific discoveries and our insatiable curiosity for skin science, our continued strategic partnerships with dedicated and passionate distributors, and through our strong relationships with a large network of experts in the scientific community. 

At Dermaceutic, we share the immense power that an exact science offers to your skin.⁠
This is why we believe in our Skintelligent Science.

3. How do we make our Skintelligent Science alive?

We develop and produce our products in France, recognized as one of the main birthplaces of cosmeceuticals, science and aesthetics, and home to the densest network of first-class partners, guaranteeing first-grade quality.

Dermaceutic is the first French laboratory to have obtained the class IIa certification in its professional product category proving its compliance with the highest quality, safety and efficacy standards.

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Extensive clinical testing under dermatological control 

We carry out extensive clinical trials with some of the most highly certified clinical bodies in Europe. These internationally recognized establishments are known for their rigorous testing and their strict conditions under expert dermatological control - a testimony to our product efficacy and safety. Through in-vivo and in-vitro studies conducted under the supervision of expert dermatologists, we assess skin reaction, tolerance and results through biometric analysis, confocal microscopy and macro imaging analysis, as well as patient self-evaluation. Our close collaboration with first-class toxicology experts ensures the safest proven products are placed on the market. 

Mastering the art of dosing and combining active ingredients 

Our expertise in dosing and combining premium actives enables us to fine-tune our innovative products according to a strict formulation chart. We are actively committed to developing high-quality formulae with the right combinations of actives at the most effective concentrations through a rigorous ingredient selection procedure. We have mastered the art of formulation using the highest-grade active ingredients that science can provide to ensure formulae agreeability, optimal comfort, innovative texture, maximum preservation and most of all, product efficacy. 


              • Manufacturing process (following ISO standard)

              • Ingredient selection-based approach

              • Qualified ingredient grades


              • Extensive clinical testing with dermatological control

              • Literature bases evidences 

              • Targeted tests (in vivo and in vitro)


              • Minimizing adverse reactions for patients and the environment

              • Strict selection of ingredient properties

              4. more about Skintelligent Science

              Our skintelligent science relies on our core values and three pillars that feed our skin science to allow the development of our products through a scientific approach:

              Our core values are Performance, Integrity, Caring, Safety, Innovation,Expertise.

              Our values



              Results-driven products that are clinically tested & proven



              Based on the relevant data and information and on practices and feedback from practitioner

              Scientific curiosity


              Based on the latest discoveries, we aim to respect patient needs and expectations through listening and care



              Through mastery of formulations and extensively tested protocols



              Sharing and working with prescribers and patients



              Collaboration with more than 30 000 experts worldwide and certified high-performance products

              This is Skintelligent Science

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                The three pillars that feed our skin science and make our brand signature real and alive:

                Science of "the Skin"

                • Skin's organ

                • Skin's physiology

                • Skin's microbiota

                • Skin's exposome

                Science of "Patients Need & Indications"

                • Skin concerns

                • Expectations

                • Allegations

                • Treatment plans

                Science of  "Formulations"

                • Formulations

                • Ingredients

                • Quality

                • Efficacy

                • Safety

                This is what makes our Skintelligent Science alive.

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