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What are endocrine disruptors?

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by numerous substances whose effects on our health are not always easy to detect. Among them are endocrine disruptors, compounds capable of interfering with our hormonal system and harming our health.

These endocrine disruptors lurk in a multitude of products we use on a regular basis: the textiles we wear, the detergents we use to clean our homes, materials such as plastics, and even our cosmetics. Their often insidious presence is causing growing concern among scientists and health professionals alike.

    What is Bisphenol A?

    Over the years, numerous studies have been conducted to assess the impact of these substances on our environment and our health. The goal is to understand the potential risks associated with their exposure and to develop adequate protective measures for the population.

    One of the most striking examples is that of Bisphenol A, a substance widely used in plastic manufacturing. In 2017, the European Chemicals Agency recognized Bisphenol A as an endocrine disruptor.

    Take care of your skin, it will repay you.

    Faced with these challenges, it is imperative to remain vigilant and take steps to limit our exposure to endocrine disruptors.

    This requires strict regulation and concrete actions aimed at reducing their use in everyday consumer products. Furthermore, increased public awareness is essential to encourage healthier and safer lifestyle choices.

    Dermaceutic: no endocrine disruptors

      At Dermaceutic we have no endocrine disruptors in our products or their packaging. As the requirement is officially applicable from April 2024, we are delighted to be able to share this vital information with you.

      We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality in everything we offer, ensuring the integrity of our products and their impact on health and the environment.

      By prioritizing transparency and adhering to strict regulations, we strive to be leaders in promoting healthier choices and contributing to a safer, more sustainable future for all.

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