Active ingredient


Moisturizing agent to provide an immediate calming effect on irritated skin.

What is Panthenol?

Panthenol is a more stable derivative of pantothenic acid also known as vitamin B5. It is essential for producing fatty acids and sphingolipids which play an important role in maintaining skin barrier function.


Active ingredient

how is it efficient and safe?

As we age, our skin’s natural ability to minimize water loss reduces. As Panthenol significantly improves barrier function, it helps to reduce Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). It also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to improve the healing process. 

Thanks to these actions, Panthenol is effective in alleviating the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Studies have shown that panthenol is extremely well tolerated by the skin. It has been classed as safe to use on the skin and eyes, it is non-sensitizing and non-mutagenic. 

how dermaceutic is commited to first class ingredients?

Derived from synthetic origin excluding palm oil, Dermaceutic uses this powerful moisturizing active at a minimum of 98% purity in both our Panthenol Ceutic and C25 cream. Its anti-aging properties help to maintain a healthy skin barrier function and youthful-looking skin.

Products with Panthenol

Dermaceutic panthenol ceutic cream for skin nourishment and hydration

Panthenol Ceutic


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