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“Support my micro-what…?” 

Skin microbiota is the community of micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungus…) living on the surface of your skin as well as within it.

This fragile micro-organism can be affected by external factors like pollution, stress, lifestyle, the mask, special diets, soap, UV rays, and drugs, and internal factors like our age, genetics, and hormones.

Its health plays an important role in acne. Indeed, the bacterial imbalance may alter the skin’s pH and lead to inflammatory issues.

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Oily skin looks shiny or greasy and is associated with an unpleasant feeling of uncleanliness. It is characterized by an increase in sebum production

Sebum is a viscous fluid composed of fatty acids, cholesterol esters, and other components. This gland is an androgen-targeted organ that can be stimulated by the fluctuation of hormones. Acne is frequently associated with large pores

Although both men and women are affected, the rate of sebum secretion is highly variable. Those who unfortunately suffer from a high rate of sebum excretion may be prone to developing acne. 

Acne can present as skin lesions, with or without comedones, blackheads, and microcysts and in the most severe cases, can turn into papules, pustules, and inflamed cysts

Hormonal disorders and various internal and external factors can result in excess sebum and affect the skin microbiota. It is one of the most common indications treated by dermatologists and other healthcare professionals… and did you know that 40% of adult women have acne? You are not alone!


Good skin maintenance is therefore important in preventing problems linked to acne, improving the skin’s health, and reducing the appearance of acne lesions. Our cosmeceutical skincare products specifically adapted for acne-prone skin enable the prevention and treatment of these disorders, let’s review together how to achieve flawless skin!

Our innovative ingredients enable the prevention and treatment of these disorders.


Biomimicry is a process of innovation and engineering which takes inspiration from shapes, substances, properties, processes, functions, and solutions invented by nature. Dermaceutic uses an active which is inspired by the symbiosis of particular algae - Laminaria Digitata - and a marine bacteria. When the algae are attacked by a pathogenic agent, a specific enzyme is released to digest the alginates of the algae’s membrane. This produces oligoalginates, otherwise known as polysaccharides. These oligoalginates activate the algae’s defense mechanisms to neutralize the pathogenic agents

Thanks to their numerous antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, marine algae are the star ingredients used in skincare targeting acne-prone skin

Our R&D department has sourced the finest actives derived from two species of marine algae, the microbiota regulator and the purifying active, to best meet the needs of acne-prone skin. Zinc sulfate has been added to the purifying active for a complete antibacterial action.
A study carried out on this active proved its ability to improve skin disorders (pH, redness, imperfections) by reinforcing the diversity of the microbiota.
In one week of treatment, volunteers noted an overall improvement in their skin’s health and beauty. * 

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These actives are developed based on research on the biology of algae and microalgae, the analysis of key molecules, and their possible uses on skin. 


Dermaceutic sources this innovative ingredient from a dedicated partner who cultivates the highest quality of algae in an optimal and controlled environment. They invest in the preservation and wellbeing of the species in both a marine culture and through a high technology photobioreactor that controls the production of microalgae to guarantee their sustainability

To synthesize this active, Dermaceutic has partnered with a supplier who reproduces this mechanism in a laboratory, and through ecologically responsible methods, in order to transfer its benefits to acne-prone skin through for example cosmeceutical products. 

Several solutions exist to reduce oily and acne-prone skin. Among them, and the most accessible to all are cosmeceutical products. 

By working hand-in-hand with renowned skin professionals, and experts in the physiology behind skin concerns, At Dermaceutic we designed optimal combinations of powerful actives at the right concentrations to harmonize the complexion of oily skin and those who are prone to acne. Please welcome one of the cosmetical products adapted to acne-prone skin: Actibiome night cream.


Dermaceutic was inspired by these marine algae and, by studying their symbiosis, used the intelligence gathered to formulate the Actibiome cream, giving it unrivaled originality and efficacy.
The marine active ingredients used in the Actibiome night cream are of natural origin and developed either in a bioreactor or in a marine environment

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This night cream helps fight harmful bacteria to reduce excess sebum and support the bacterial diversity of the skin microbiota. 

The combination of powerful fruit acids works overnight to boost the skin’s natural regeneration power and improve the appearance of skin imperfections. 

It also offers a comedolytic and keratolytic action to exfoliate, unclog pores and refine skin texture

The marine algae provide anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and imperfections while providing repairing and soothing actions. 

Try Actibiome! 100 % of patients agree that the routine tightens pores, reduces imperfections and redness. * Also we observed 65% reduction in papules when used in combination with Oxybiome micellar water. * That is why we would like to suggest you integrate the following protocol into your skincare routine, to achieve flawless skin! 

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Deciphering how the skin functions are key to offering the most adapted product protocols for several skin indications. Thanks to scientific advancements and research, we continuously gain insights into the anatomic structure and biological understanding of the skin

Our expertise in dosing and combining first-class actives enables us to fine-tune our products based on the latest scientific research and according to individual skin concerns. If you don't know which product is right for you, but you know your skin, follow the protocol below:

STEP 1 Purify your skin with our micellar water OXYBIOME

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Oxybiome effectively cleanses, removes make-up, and purifies the skin. 

Enriched with an innovative combination of microbiota regulators, zinc, and niacinamide, it soothes skin, supports the cutaneous flora, and promises an anti-pollution effect. Zinc gluconate has been added to the formula of our micellar water for its Sebo-regulating and antiseptic properties.

Oxybiome leaves skin feeling fresher, healthier, and softer.

It is the ideal micellar water to take wherever you go as you do not need to rinse it off.

Apply in the morning and evening on the face. We recommend the Press and Hold method to gently remove make-up. When applying the cotton pad to the eyelid, press down lightly and hold for a few seconds. This will allow the make-up to soften before you gently wipe it away.

STEP 2 Stimulate your skin with our Actibiome night cream

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Actibiome exfoliates and unclogs pores thanks to the keratolytic action of salicylic and glycolic acids

During the night, it supports the skin’s natural microbiota in its fight against harmful bacteria to reduce excess sebum. 

As the night cream specialist in imperfections and redness, Actibiome is suitable for all skin types!
If you use Actibiome every night, you will see that your skin imperfections and redness are visibly reduced! Your pores will be tightened, and your facial skin will be smoother.

Our dual protocol has been clinically proven!

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*In vivo study of Actibiome in combination with Oxybiome on 23 volunteers for 28 days. European independent clinical research organization.

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