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Sometimes, one red spot may ruin your mood.
This is not a superficial reaction; this is just because your face and skin condition are the first thing other people see so it can make you feel bad and even worse since it is a year-long issue. On a social media or advertising level, it is easy to be unsettled in front of beautiful skin, showing no signs of spots, pimples or uneven skin tone. At Dermaceutic we can give you all our expert tips to improve your skin texture and make you feel better about yourself!


Excess seborrhea and a tendency towards acne are skin disorders linked to the sebaceous follicle. Acne is the most common skin condition treated by dermatologists. Epidemiological studies have shown a prevalence in adult females between 25 and 40 years old. 

Acne can present as skin lesions, with or without comedones, blackheads and microcysts and in the most severe cases, can turn into papules, pustules, and inflamed cysts. This skin condition is often the cause of hormonal and psychological issues. 

Good skin maintenance is therefore important in preventing problems linked to acne, improving the skin’s health and reducing the appearance of acne lesions. Cosmeceutical skincare products specifically adapted for acne-prone skin enable the prevention and treatment of these disorders. 

Discover some key numbers

90% of the world population is affected by acne at some point in their life.

80% of teenagers are affected especially boys.

26% of women between 20 and 40 years old are affected by hormonal acne.


    Why is it so important to focus on your health habits in general for better facial skin?  

    Skin microbiota, also known as cutaneous flora, is the community of micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungus...) living on the surface of your skin as well as within it. Many of these micro-organisms live in the upper layers of the epidermis, in the pilosebaceous ducts and in the sweat glands. 

    The skin microbiota’s health plays an important role on acne. This condition seems to be linked to a dysbiosis between the cutaneous flora and its bacterial diversity. This bacterial imbalance may therefore alter the skin’s pH and lead to inflammatory issues. The skin’s reaction may vary depending on the nature of the dysbiosis and the microbiota itself, which is unique to each person. 

    What is Dermaceutic’s expert advice to fight acne? 

    A well-balanced cutaneous flora ensures the skin’s health, immunity, and protection for a smoother, visibly brighter complexion. It can be upset, not only by a bacterial imbalance, but also by external and internal factors of oxidative stress. Therefore, it is essential to preserve the microbiota’s health.

    Actibiome offers a variety of nutrients for acne-prone skin thanks to its unique formula with highly concentrated actives. This night cream helps fight harmful bacteria to reduce excess sebum and support the bacterial diversity of the microbiota

    Do we recommend a specific product to help?

    Yes, at Dermaceutic we have developed a new night cream called “Actibiome”. It is an acne-prone skin that exfoliates and unclogs pores thanks to the keratolytic action of salicylic and glycolic acids. 

    ​​​​​​​During the night, it supports the skin’s natural microbiota in its fight against harmful bacteria to reduce excess sebum. 
    As the night cream specialist in imperfections and redness, Actibiome is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for adult acne-prone skin.

    what results will you obtain?

    If you use Actibiome every night, you will see that your skin imperfections and redness are visibly reduced! Your pores will be tightened, and your facial skin will be smoother.

    what makes actibiome different from the other night creams?

    At Dermaceutic, we master the art of formulation to design technical and innovative formulae such as Actibiome. 
    It means our acne prone skin night cream has benefited from our expertise to develop high-quality formulae with the right combinations of actives at the most effective concentrations. Its lightweight texture makes it incredible to apply . It is a non-comedogenic vegan formula and has excellent dermatological tolerance* 

    How does Actibiome work overnight to improve skin appearance?

    The combination of powerful fruit acids works overnight to boost the skin’s natural regeneration power, harmonize complexion, and improve the appearance of skin imperfections. It also provides a comedolytic and keratolytic action to exfoliate, unclog pores and smooth skin texture. The marine algae offer anti-inflammatory properties for soothed skin and a more balanced microbiota. 

    10% glycolic acid solution

    AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) derived from fruit acids and known for its keratolytic action. It easily penetrates the skin to stimulate cell renewal by destroying the links that bind dead cells together.

    The plus: by exfoliating the skin, it facilitates the penetration of the other actives. 


    Biomimetic agent inspired by the natural defense mechanism of a marine algae to fight against pathogen attacks. It acts by decreasing lipid production and inhibiting bacteria growth while improving the recruitment of keratinocytes and decreasing inflammatory mediators for treating, repairing and soothing actions. 


    BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) causing a keratolytic action that reduces intercorneocyte cohesion and destroying lipids that bind the outer cells of the epidermis. Its lipophilic nature helps unclog pores. 


    A blend of natural components that provide a variety of nutrients to reduce skin redness, imperfections and inflammation by supporting skin microbiota. 

    Why are marine algae the superstar ingredients in the fight against acne-prone skin? 

    The presence of revolutionary actives derived from marine algae in the Actibiome night cream provides a variety of nutrients that promote the diversity of the skin’s microbiota and establishes Dermaceutic as the expert in the art of formulation. 


    Thanks to their numerous antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, marine algae are the star ingredients used in skincare targeting acne-prone skin.

    Our R&D department has sourced the finest actives derived from two species of marine algae, the microbiota regulator and the purifying active, to best meet the needs of acne-prone skin. Zinc sulfate has been added to the purifying active for a complete antibacterial action.

    A study carried out on this active proved its ability to improve skin disorders (pH, redness, imperfections) by reinforcing the diversity of the microbiota.

    In one week of treatment, volunteers noted an overall improvement in their skin’s health and beauty.*


    The marine active ingredients used in the Actibiome night cream are of natural origin and developped either in a bioreactor or in a marine environment.

    Marine biodiversity is overflowing with inspirational ecosystems. The symbiosis between the Laminaria Digitata algae and a marine bacteria synthesizes a large variety of original polysaccharides. These marine polysaccharides and their derivatives are a source of innovative molecules with original and specific biological properties, which may be used in the formulation of skincare products.

    Dermaceutic was inspired by these marine examples and, by studying their symbiosis, used the intelligence gathered to formulate the Actibiome cream, giving it unrivalled originality and efficacy.


    Biomimicry is a process of innovation and engineering which takes inspiration from shapes, substances, properties, processes, functions and solutions invented by nature. Dermaceutic uses an active which is inspired by the symbiosis of a particular algae - Laminaria Digitata - and a marine bacteria.
    When the algae is attacked by a pathogenic agent, a specific enzyme is released to digest the alginates of the algae’s membrane. This produces oligoalginates, otherwise known as polysaccharides. These oligoalginates activate the algae’s defense mechanisms to neutralize the pathogenic agents.


    These actives are developed based on research on the biology of algae and microalgae, the analysis of key molecules and their possible uses on skin.
    Dermaceutic sources this innovative ingredient from a dedicated partner who cultivates the highest quality of algae in an optimal and controlled
    environment. They invest in the preservation and wellbeing of the species in both a marine culture and through a high technology photobioreactor which controls the production of microalgae to guarantee their sustainability.

    To synthesize this active, Dermaceutic has partnered with a supplier who reproduces this mechanism in a laboratory, and through ecologically-responsible methods, in order to transfer its benefits to acne-prone skin.

    And if you want to enhance Actibiome results, try our 2-step protocol. Step 1: Purify your skin with Oxybiome micellar water. Oxybiome is our daily cleanser that effectively removes make-up and purifies skin. Apply to the face and eyes twice a day with a cotton pad.Step 2: Stimulate your skin with Actibiome night cream. Apply to the face and neck area in the evening.

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