Cosmo Peel Forte

Class IIa medical device


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Cosmo Peel Forte

Class IIa medical device


Cosmo Peel Forte is a class IIa medical device.

Intended for the treatment of acne scars, senile lentigines, actinic keratosis.

Why choose Cosmo Peel Forte ?

  • Outstanding results with 1 peel only
  • Controlled and painless application
  • Superior formula (Phenol, TCA & Glycolic acid) for optimal product efficacy
  • Visibly improved and younger-looking skin

Kit includes: Foamer 15 40ml, Cosmo Peel Forte 20ml, Cosmo Cream 40ml, cup and cotton buds - for 12 applications

Cosmo Peel Forte: Phenol, TCA, Glycolic acid - pH ≈ 0.5

Cosmo Cream: Dextran sulfate, Allantoin, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Calendula extract - pH ≈ 4.8

Foamer 15: Glycolic acid, Enoxolone - pH ≈ 4.1

In vivo efficacy study on 63 patients. European independent clinical research organization:

  • 94% of patients have less wrinkles after 1 Cosmo Peel Forte.


  • Promotes the removal of acne scars through combined ingredients
  • Eliminates pronounced pigmented lesions
  • Eliminates actinic keratosis lesions
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Improves appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin

In-clinic protocol: 2 times at 8 week intervals.

  1. Foamer 15: Use to cleanse the face.
  2. Cosmo Peel Forte: Apply to the face. Wait 1 to 2 minutes. Reapply additional layer if necessary. Do not rinse.
  3. Cosmo Cream: Apply to the face, rinse between 4 and 8 hours later.


Our experts use it


Pf Jules Marthan

Aesthetic practitioner - France


Cosmo Peels are my favorite product to treat and prevent signs of aging. With its different concentrations, it gives me the flexibility to treat a wide range of skin phototypes and conditions while stimulating skin regeneration.


Mrs Sonette Donker

Dermaceutic trainer - South Africa


I have had my own skin studio for almost 9 years now and Dermaceutic is my brand of choice for my skin studio as well as for my own skin. I perform all Dermaceutic peels and stock all the homecare products. I get amazing results and my clients love the brand and their skins.

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