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Protect skin from the sun


Protect skin from the sun

Sun exposure, and therefore UV rays, is the most compromising factor for skin health as it accelerates premature skin aging, causing sunspots and skin disorders. Whatever the season or sun exposure level, wearing an appropriate sunscreen is an essential, and probably the most important, step in every skincare routine to prevent signs of skin aging and sunspots.
Biological skin aging is characterized by the progressive reduction in the capacities of skin cells to regenerate or to defend against the most aggressive factors such as UV rays. As an example, areas which are exposed to sun differ from those which are protected. Wrinkles and fines line may appear progressively, and when sun exposure is increased, any change in pigment spots will be visible. UV rays damage collagen - the most important biological constituant of the skin that shape the structure of the dermis. Exposure to solar radiation will generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) which are the primary cause of skin damage and photo-aging. UV rays are also a well-established carcinogen that are responsible for more than 50% of all human malignancies. There is evidence that UV rays promote cancer development and that sun prevention is a fundamental step in preventing skin cancers.
Dermaceutic offers the most effective solutions through cosmeceuticals containing very high sun protection, formulated to optimally protect skin from sun damage.

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