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15ml / 0.50 fl.oz

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Yellow Cream Icon moon


15ml / 0.50 fl.oz

Yellow Cream targets and reduces the appearance of dark spots thanks to optimally concentrated lightening agents associated with the exfoliating action of glycolic and salicylic acids.

For dark spots, skin imperfections and irregular complexion.

Fragrance free

Kojic acid
Depigmenting agent that inactivates tyrosinase by chelation reaction that blocks the melanin synthesis responsible for pigment spots.

One of the most potent actives that reduces tyrosinase activity and therefore the production of melanin.

Licorice extract
Lightening agent that regulates the dispersion of melanin (agent responsible for pigment spots) to help homogenize complexion.

Morus alba extract
Antioxidant agent rich in resveratrol and vitamin C, it limits the production of melanin by inhibiting tyrosinase to effectively reduce pigment spots.

Glycolic & salicylic acids
AHA and BHA that speed up exfoliation and destroy lipids that bind the outer cells of the epidermis, to help promote cell renewal and brighten the complexion.

  • Dark spots are visibly reduced
  • Overall complexion is more even


Apply in the evening on dark spot areas. Avoid the eye contour area.


Our experts use it


Dr Nourah Al-Sulaili

Dermatologist - Kuwait


I trust Dermaceutic Professional Peels and Cosmeceuticals. This brand is known to quickly deliver results on skin improvement, making you put your utmost confidence in it.


Dr Sirlesh Moodley

Aesthetic doctor - South Africa


Dermaceutic has been an essential part of my practice and a key reason to my success. It offers a powerful range of products which is able to condense a patients skincare routine and elevate the results of any treatment protocol they undergo. I have never looked beyond Dermaceutic to offer my patients a premium, results driven skincare journey.

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