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Day cream


Day cream

Based on the latest dermatological research, our active ingredients are carefully selected from the most effective solutions and at optimal concentrations to reduce inflammation and irritation, enhance skin's repair action and prevent dryness.
To intensely moisturize, our combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid reduces transepidermal water loss and helps stimulate natural defenses. Our peptide complex, resulting from the association of two amino acids linked to a fatty acid, helps to stimulate skin repair and collagen synthesis. To remedy feelings of discomfort, our shea butter and beeswax, highly concentrated in fatty acids, and our Panthenol, essential for the production of fatty acids and sphingolipids, play an essential role in maintaining the skin's barrier function. Our vitamin C complex and ester forms of vitamin C and E, among the most stable and recognized for their antioxidant properties, will help fight free radicals and offer the ultimate protection against photoaging.

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