Crystal Peel

Class IIa medical device

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Crystal Peel

Class IIa medical device

Crystal Peel is a class IIa medical device.

Intended for the treatment of melasma, solar and senile lentigines, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, mild acne and hyperkeratosis.

Why choose Crystal Peel?

  • Suitable for all skin types and phototypes
  • Ideal for introducing peels to patients
  • Can accompany antibiotic treatments
  • No social downtime (lunch peel)
  • Little to no skin desquamation
  • Safe & easy 10 min protocol
  • Can be combined and enhances the efficacy of other aesthetic treatments

Kit includes: Foamer 15 40ml, Crystal Peel 30ml, cotton buds et cup - for 12 application

Crystal Peel: Salicylic, mandelic and citric acids 

Foamer 15: Glycolic acid, Enoxolone - pH ≈ 4.1

decrease in total acne lesins (retentional & inflammatory).*

of patients agree that pores are tightened and less visible.*

of patients agree that their skin is mattified.*

*In vivo clinical trial of Crystal Peel on 33 patients approved by CA and EC. Results after 2(1) and 3(2) peel sessions.

  • Treats epidermal melasma & post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Fades pigment spots & post-acne pigmentation
  • Improves acne symptoms, skin texture, mild photoaging & rough skin
  • Reduces pore size & decreases sebum

In-clinic protocol: 3 times at 3-week intervals.

  1. Foamer 15: Use to cleanse the face.
  2. Crystal Peel: Apply up to 3 layers to the entire face. Wait 1 minute between each layer. Leave the last layer up to 5 minutes. The patient will feel a tingling sensation. Rinse with water and dry skin.
  3. Post-peel cream: If needed, apply to the face the relevant Dermaceutic post-treatment cream, corresponding to the indication treated.
Post-treatment care : As soon as the skin is soothed and for at least 15 days, the patient follows a post-treatment care depending on the skin indication treated.

Cleanser day and/or night
  • Foamer 15 : Intense exfoliating foam 
  • Advanced Cleanser : All-in-one cleansing foam
Day protocol
  • Hyal Ceutic : Intense hydrating cream
  • C25 Cream :  Antioxidant concentrate
  • Sun Ceutic 50+ :  Age defense sun protection
Night protocol
  • Dual+ : Anti-blemish serum


Our experts use it


Dr Ana Becerril

Aesthetic doctor - Mexico


I like the entire range of Dermaceutic to treat all skin types and needs in Mexico. I have a total trust in the products because they allow me to treat effectively my patients. The positive results of my patients' skin are the reasons why I keep using Dermaceutic products in my clinic.


Mrs Melanie Leisink

Aesthetic practitioner - Netherlands


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