TCA 30


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TCA 30


TCA 30 is a class IIa medical device.

Intended for the treatment of solar and senile lentigines, actinic keratosis, acne scars.

Why choose TCA 30 ? 

Controlled penetration thanks to buffered TCA.
Wide range of concentrations:

  • Epidermal to dermal stimulation for all phototypes 
  • Targeted to full face application

Stand alone includes: TCA 30 20ml and cotton buds – for 12 applications

Trichloroacetic acid 30%: pH ≈ 0.5


  • Eliminates pigmented lesions
  • Eliminates actinic keratosis lesions
  • Promotes the removal of acne scars through targeted application
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Improves appearance of deep wrinkles

In-clinic protocol: 2 times at 4 week intervals.

  1. Foamer 15: Use to cleanse the face.
  2. TCA: Put 1.5ml of TCA into a cup and apply to the face using 1 cotton bud. Use TCA 30 in combination with a lower concentration of Cosmo Peel (15 to 20%), for a targeted application to problem areas: visible pigment spots and deep wrinkles. In some cases, you may apply TCA 30 to the full face after careful assessment and testing of the patient’s skin tolerance. Do not rinse.
  3. Panthenol Ceutic: Massage into the face. Rinse between 4 and 8 hours later.