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When a company celebrates a milestone anniversary, 20 years for Dermaceutic today, of course we ask ourselves how we got here and what can humbly explain our success.

When a company celebrates a milestone anniversary, 20 years for Dermaceutic today, of course we ask ourselves how we got here and what can humbly explain our success.

When we created our Laboratory in 2002 with the rise of aesthetic dermatology, we did so with the strong belief that science is the skin’s best ally. This vision has never left us and has been deployed in every aspect of what we do. Requiring unfrenzied research devoid of the influence of fashion, we constantly monitor scientific publications. We have an insatiable curiosity for all sciences related to the skin, a fine understanding of patient care, expertise in formulating peels and cosmeceuticals, rigorously chosen active ingredients of irreproachable quality, precise dosages, and we have integrity in our formulations.
We’ve summed up our culture for some years with a signature that highlights what has driven us for the last 20 years: «Skintelligent Science». This motto continues to guide us every day.

It is impossible to talk about what has made us lasting in the aesthetic dermatology market without emphasizing our collective success. The many experts who enhance our R&D year after year, our distributors who believe in us and are our loyal partners in more than 80 countries, the 30,000 practitioners throughout the world who trust us and share with us the feedback essential to our profession.
Without them, we would not be where we are today. It is with the same sincerity that I would like this celebration of our 20th anniversary to be an opportunity to thank each and every one of our employees who contribute on a daily basis to bringing to life and growing this collective success.





Our skin is intelligent and has the natural ability to regenerate itself. Unique, it is constantly evolving throughout our lives. It is the body’s largest organ in contact with the external environment, and many factors can weaken or influence its balance.
Scientific research continues to shed light on the impact of the combination of all exposures to our skin, known as the «Exposome». Since its creation in 2002, Dermaceutic Laboratoire has drawn its resources from the intimate conviction that science is the best ally of the skin.

From the development of the first chemical peel formulas, the laboratory has relied on cutting-edge scientific expertise to support and strengthen the skin’s natural powers and offer faster and more effective results. The context was favorable at that time: it was the beginnings of aesthetic dermatology. This discipline, which experienced strong growth in the 1990s and 2000s, is focused on the integrity of the skin and draws inspiration from natural French beauty.

Dermaceutic has always strived to stay at the forefront of dermatological science by offering highly effective solutions for the main skin concerns.

Its mission: push the boundaries of aesthetic dermatology by using the latest technologies and scientific expertise to provide the skin with the best that science has to offer, to reveal its natural beauty while respecting the balance of its microbiota.

As the only French laboratory offering certified class IIa professional peels, Dermaceutic has brought its art of formulation to the aesthetic dermatology industry.
Dermaceutic is committed to developing the highest quality formulas with the optimal combinations of active ingredients at the most effective concentrations, through a rigorous ingredient selection process.
The laboratory sources the best ingredients, at the highest level of purity, provided by science to ensure pleasant formulas, optimal comfort, innovative texture, maximum shelf life and above all an effective and safe product. Dermaceutic was one of the first laboratories to introduce key active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, stabilised vitamin C and glycolic acid in its first formulas.

Dermaceutic formulas are not off-the-shelf products. Each formula has been carefully custom-made, requiring extreme effort and care to ensure the best bioavailability of active ingredients and integrate the latest innovations.
To ensure the effectiveness and safety of its products, the brand conducts in-depth clinical trials with the most qualified organisations in Europe.

Through extensive in vivo and in vitro studies, Dermaceutic evaluates skin response, tolerance and final results through biometric analysis, confocal microscopy and macro-imaging.

Developed and manufactured in France, the products benefit from the best expertise in packaging technologies and the most innovative manufacturing capabilities.

Year after year, Dermaceutic has expanded its community of skin professionals and today, 20 years later, is the expert partner of 30,000 aesthetic specialists in more than 80 countries around the world.

These close partnerships with dedicated and passionate interdisciplinary experts, including doctors and dermatologists who share their first-hand scientific expertise, have kept the brand at the forefront of dermatological advances in technology, formulation and aesthetics.
This close relationship also allows us to gather essential and constantly evolving information on different skin types and phototypes every day.

Thanks to this international community of experts, the laboratory develops some of the most effective dermatological treatments on the market, evaluated by patients to best meet their expectations. For Dermaceutic, each skin is unique and should be treated as such.

Products and protocols are tailored to the needs of patients and their skin problems. The right treatment is offered with the right combination of active ingredients, at the right dose, to provide an optimised product potency for a more personalised approach to skincare solutions.


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