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Even out skin tone


Even out skin tone

When the cumulative effect of intrinsic and extrinsic factors such as sun exposure and hormonal imbalance leads to a biological skin impairment, marks become visible and may be a source of complaint. Among them redness, dark spots, sun damage or acne scars. These marks are the result of a degenerative process of the skin cells, lack of defense and a decrease in the stimulation of the skin to generate an appropriate repairing action. Human skin, like all other organs undergoes a natural aging process.
However, several approaches exist to stimulate the different types of skin cells that populate our skin layers. As the expert in aesthetic dermatology, Dermaceutic develops high-precision and clinically proven cosmeceuticals based on the latest scientific discoveries to target these specific concerns, reducing visible skin imperfections and harmonizing skin tone. Dermaceutic proposes a range that helps in eliminating resistant redness marks and imperfections.

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