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Hydrate and nourish skin


Hydrate and nourish skin

Your skin faces external environmental agressions on a daily basis, but one of its most principal functions is to prevent water loss from the body. Sports activities, climate and work are some of the most common factors which can lead to epidermal water loss. Although food and drinks may provide some hydration, water circulating in your body must reach the dermis. The dermis acts as a reservoir and supplies the epidermis with all the necessary nutrients while protecting againt mechanical injury.
These nutrients are transferred to the outermost layers of the epidermis to provide hydration to each cell. Water is a vital molecule for enabling the skin to ensure its own defense, immunity and the appropriate and coordinated function of its whole cellular structure. Dehydrated skin can be charactierized by irritations and an uncomfortable sensation. Lipids are also essential in helping to treat dehydrated skin. Scientific evidence has shown the correlation between moisturization and dry skin. Therefore, topical application of hydrating and nourishing creams is an excellent way to compensate the water/lipids loss of your skin.
Ingredients provided through Dermaceutic products will regenerate your skin's capacities to retain water/lipids for healthier and smoother skin. Dermaceutic is committed to formulating high-performance moisturizers that intensively repair, care, nourish, soothe and restore for optimal skin comfort. By offering innovative and tailored textures based on the latest dermatological research, our hydrating and nourishing formulas are adapted to all different skin types.

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